Contributions to an Online Astrology Course

I’m excited to share that I was featured as a guest contributor in a new online astrology course created by my friends and colleagues Jessica and Travis DiRuzza (at trustpsyche). The course is called Deepen Your Astrological Practice: A Psychospiritual Journey into the 45 Planetary Combinations. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the course and was impressed with the multi-dimensional weave of lectures, creative expressive components (music, art, dance, poetry, etc.), and experiential practices into each of these combinations. Having taken an earlier version of a course that this one builds upon in person with Jessica in California back in 2015, I knew the lectures would be excellent but was pleasantly surprised by how the content is delivered the online format and enhanced by all of the multi-media that Travis and guest contributors offer. Really worth checking out!

I offer a meditative-movement practice for the Moon-Mars combination and a guided Embodied Archetypal Inquiry practice (inspired by the Holistic Transformation work of Marina Romero, Ramon Alberada, and Samuel Malkemus and the Embodied Spiritual Inquiry of Jorge Ferrer) exploring the Venus-Saturn and Venus-Neptune combinations.

You can access the Moon-Mars practice and learn more about the course at this link: