Presenting at Intersect: Science and Spirituality Conference 2019

I’m excited to be offering a 2-hour experiential presentation at the Intersect: Science and Spirituality conference in beautiful Telluride, Colorado this August 11th-14th.

My presentation is called: “Cultivating Holistic Consciousness: Participatory Inquiry as Integration of Science and Spirit” combining a discussion of participatory inquiry and consciousness with a guided holistic meditation.  First, participatory inquiry will be introduced as a promising approach to new paradigm research, transformative practice, and consciousness expansion at the intersection of science and authentic spirituality. Then, participants will be led through a meditation inspired by Embodied Spiritual Inquiry—a participatory approach to psycho-spiritual learning and research. This practice will invite multiple ways of knowing (i.e., mind, heart, body, vitality, and spirit) to inquire into a question of personal significance, followed by time for creative expression and group sharing.

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