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The Unfolding Soul: An Exploration of Soul in Jungian Psychology

Spiritual Counseling and the Journey of Becoming Part 1: The Personal Journey

Spiritual Counseling and the Journey of Becoming Part 2: The Spiritual Counseling Paradigm

On Mythic Cows and the Dairy Industry: An Archetypal Activist Exploration

The Eastern Containing Myth

Upcoming Publications

Sohmer, O. R., (forthcoming). (Ed.) Special topic issue: Participatory research in transpersonal studies. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

Sohmer, O. R., Baumann, R., & Ferrer, J. N. (in press). An embodied spiritual inquiry into the nature of human boundaries: Outcomes of a participatory approach to transpersonal education and research. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

Heron, J., & Sohmer, O. (forthcoming). An interview with John Heron: Exploring the interface between cooperative inquiry and transpersonal studies. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.


Embodied Archetypal Astrology: Exploring Experiential Approaches to Learning and Living Astrology

For newcomers and experienced astrologers alike, exploratory experiential tools--such as body awareness, movement, guided meditation, role playing, and coaching practices--are a powerful means for deepening our relationship with the archetypal cosmos and actualizing the potentials inherent in our natal charts and transits. Beyond learning about astrology from external sources, turning inward provides a direct pathway to encounter the planetary archetypes as they inhabit and incarnate through us. This presentation will discuss approaches to facilitating experiential astrological inquiry with individuals and groups, including examples from the presenter's exploration of Astrological Coaching and Embodied Archetypal Inquiry.

Archetypal Astrological Analysis of Gloria Anzaldua

Discussion of prominent themes evident in the life and work of Gloria Anzaldua--the late feminist, Chicana, Queer writer and spiritual activist--through the lens of archetypal astrology.  Presented at the California Institute of Integral Studies, 2014.