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Have you heard a voice within urging you toward something more?  A life of greater wellbeing, fulfillment, and joy is calling you.  I would be honored to partner with you on this journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Our work together will help you to:

  • Attune to the wisdom of your emotions, body, and intuition
  • Release limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Align your daily life with your core values
  • Develop greater satisfation in you relationships
  • Create nourishing self-care practices
  • Cultivate confidence and self-compassion
  • Respond to the waves of life with more resilience and grace

Engage in a holistic approach informed by:

Mindfulness - Expanded present-moment awareness enhances access to your emotions, embodied experience, deep memory, and imagination.  Informed by the Hakomi Method, a mindfulness-based, body-centered approach to fostering positive change.

Embodied Practices - Conscious integration of movement, touch, and body awareness practices supports healing and activate embodied wisdom.  Drawing on years of experience as a facilitator of yoga, mindful movement, and Interactive Embodied Meditations.

Transformative Ritual - Co-created rituals integrating expanded states of consciousness into a psychological healing framework empowers your authentic self and catalyzes lasting transformation. Informed by formal training in ritual arts and ancient techniques for consciousness expansion to facilitate healing and growth.

Ways that we can work together

Holistic Counseling

As your compassionate mirror and guide, I catalyze your journey of healing, radical self-discovery, and fulfillment. Through an exploratory approach including mindfulness, body awareness, and creative experiential practices (such as movement, voice, breathwork, and bodywork) we activate your inner healing intelligence and empower your authentic self.  You gain tangible support to turn the lessons and longings that surface from within into profound transformations of your daily life.

50-60 minute sessions offered at my Nevada City office and over video chat.


Holistic Life Coaching

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut, feeling alone in the face of life's challenges, or as if our dreams are just out of reach.  As your coach, I partner with you and your inner source of inspiration and empowerment to manifest your deepest desires. Whether you want to attain a specific goal, increase your sense of wellbeing, or craft a life of greater passion and joy, coaching provides a dynamic support system in which you can claim the life you are meant to live.

Available at my Nevada City office and over video chat.

Personal Transformation Rituals

Daylong rituals weaving nature-inspired ceremony and ancient technologies of consciousness expansion to open access to deeper levels of yourself, the creative purpose of your life, and all that contains you.  Personally tailored to your intention, rituals can support you through a variety of life's junctures--from times of transition to relationship challenges, from periods of decision-making or uncertainty to moments of celebration.  Throughout this process, I provide compassionate guidance and a nurturing environment in which the deepest parts of yourself can be seen, healed, and actualized.

Rituals can be woven into ongoing counseling or coaching, or as a stand alone process including preparation and integration sessions.


Schedule an Introductory Consultation

Contact me to schedule a 50-60 minute session in person, by phone, or Zoom to share what you want to explore, learn more about my approach, and discover if we are a good fit.